#4774: Function keys cease functioning
        Reporter:  simplypeachy     |      Owner:
            Type:  bug              |     Status:  new
        Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  unspecified
       Component:  other            |    Version:  git/master
Operating System:  Windows 7 64bit  |
 Windows 7 x64 playing warzone2100-master-20180412-210714-babfee9 using the
 pre-built binary. I've only just installed from fresh; no previous
 installs, mods or other changes.

 During the Alpha Campaign I noticed my function keys stopped working mid-
 game. They do not open or close any panel, make any sound or change any UI
 element. I have not made any changes to the function key bindings.
 Quitting and restarting the game does not solve the problem. If I start a
 new game the function keys work; if I load an old enough save they work.

 Clicking on any of the hex control buttons opens the panels as expected.
 Other key combinations seem to work. The "broken" saves seem to work just
 fine other than the function keys not working.

 Stepping back through my save games I have found the point at which they
 stopped working and have attached the last working save "Easy 4c" (just
 before completing the level) and the first broken save "Easy 5a". I
 couldn't see anything useful in the logs but have attached them in full,
 just in case.

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