#4797: Sometimes fails to load components with mods active
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     Type:  bug             |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal          |         Milestone:  unspecified
Component:  other           |           Version:  unspecified
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 This one is really recent, I think sometime around the merge of the QT
 reduction branch. Sometimes Warzone fails to read in a perfectly valid
 component and it does not have to be a component residing in a file
 touched by a mod. So far it has happened when loading a save from a mod or
 starting a fresh campaign with a mod (our camBalance.wz mod in the
 campaign testing thread sometimes triggers this).

 So far it failed to load ZNULLBRAIN, transporterBody, and scavenger
 bodies. Thing is, our mod don't modify brain or body stats...

 Most of the time it works, but for whatever reason a very low chance of
 failure is observed. Could be a mod is not necessary, but that I can not
 confirm at the moment.

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