#4865: Fix campaign map files
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 == Fix object property "id" in campaign maps

 If objects on a map have their "id" property set to 0, FlaME automatically
 changes its value to the smallest available positive integer.
 To avoid this, the AWK script `fix_object_ids` corrected all object "id"
 of 0 found in BJO campaign map files in the same manner as FlaME would.

 == Fix overlapping objects in campaign maps

 Objects overlap if droids, features or structures occupy the same tile.

 All objects are positioned around a center specified by tile coordinates
 in BJO, INI or JSON files, depending on the game's version.

 Features and structures have a specific width and length specified by the
 "width" and "breadth" property given in their stat files, which are found
 * data/base/stats/features.json
 * data/base/stats/structure.json
 * data/mp/stats/features.json
 * data/mp/stats/structure.json

 In contrast, droids are treated as having width and length 0, so that they
 never occupy more than one tile, regardless of their actual size.

 The following object combinations are valid even if they overlap:
 * oil derricks built on top of power resources
 * (VTOL) factories with up to 2 factory modules
 * power modules for power generators
 * research modules for research facilities

 Overlapping objects are treated as errors in FlaME, which means that they
 prevent map compilation unless they are fixed.
 Their error message is defined in flaME/FlaME/frmCompile.vb at line 228:
                                 resultItem.Text = "Bad unit overlap on
 tile " & X & ", " & Y & "."

 The AWK script `find_overlapping_objects` detected all overlapping objects
 BJO campaign map files. The output of `./find_overlapping_objects | sort`
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1a      13      14
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1a      14      15
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1a      27      7
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1a      38      29
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/sub1-2     33      33
 ./data/base/wrf/cam1/sub1-5     21      12
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/cam2b      80      11
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/cam2b      80      12
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/cam2b      80      13
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/cam2b      85      12
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/sub2-2     41      10
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/sub2-2     42      10
 ./data/base/wrf/cam2/sub2-2     44      10
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     14      36
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     17      22
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     3       45
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     37      24
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     38      23
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     38      24
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     39      23
 ./data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-3     7       39

 Some overlapping objects cannot be placed at all in the game and should
 thus be
 removed. This is the case with a Boulder1 feature on the Alpha 1 map,
 below the guard tower of a scavenger base (shown in the attached image

 In all other cases, objects were placed as close as possible to their
 destination. These changes are unlikely to affect campaign balance.

 In mission cam1/sub1-5, FlaME reported a "Bad module" for a factory owned
 by the
 New Paradigm faction. The entire factory has been rebuilt and given a new
 ID to
 suppress this error.

 In missions cam2/cam2b and cam2/sub2-2, FlaME warned about water tiles
 in the wrong direction. These warnings can be avoided with its menu option
 "Tools->Water Triangle Correction". I have, however, not included these
 in the attached commit.

 All of the changes to TTP or MAP files resulting from saving campaign maps
 FlaME have been ignored, because I am too unfamiliar with their format.
 The attached archive corrected_campaign_maps.zip contains them along with
 the other data FlaME generated when compiling campaign maps.

 == Remove unused file droid.json for Alpha 1 map

 Alpha 1 contained an unused file droid.json, which was a remnant of
 commit 72caa085d39eaff3e0e5fd12505d983393ad9bb4
 Author: per <p...@wz2100.net>
 Date:   Fri Oct 24 00:40:34 2014 +0200

     Conversion INI -> JSON using Qt5: Actually commit the JSON files.
 Also, remove the INI files. Finally, fix two smaller bugs.

 == Remove duplicate tutorial map file

 The tutorial map folder contained an unused duplicate of the file
 which was a remnant of
 commit 85ab4e02e97a7acc73ba5dda116186632b439930
 Author: Dennis Schridde <devuran...@gna.org>
 Date:   Fri May 23 21:42:44 2008 +0000

     Move base files from data/ into data/base/ (and stuff from warzone.wz
 to base.wz respecitively).
     Should not create any problems, buildsystems were changed (MacOSX,
 please test).
     Reason: Organisation, later: simplification.

     git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.gna.org/svn/warzone/trunk@5156 4a71c877

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