Hello everybody,

we are looking for a PHP developer with the following requirements:

. languages: English & Spanish (MUST)
. PHP language exp. (MUST)
. WordPress experience (MUST)

. AJAX architecture
. GIT repository experience   
. JQuery   (all FrontEnd development experience is a strong asset)
. available for phone calls during work hours (asset)

. duration: 6+ months
. weekly hours: around 15h/week
. location: remote position 
(moreover, if able to go very few times to our client office during this 
contract, located in College Park, MD => very strong asset !!)

ps: please give us a concise description of each point described (for 
example, about the PHP experience, tell us how many years did you work on 
this language).
ps2: provide us your hourly rate please.

Then, everybody who feels comfortable with this contract offer is welcome 
to mail us here: 

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