My name is Gabriel Camut and I am an IT Recruiting Associate with 
HireStrategy. We currently have several PHP developer positions available 
in the Northern Virginia and DC area. If you or someone you know are in the 
market for a new position, feel free to email me at gca...@hirestrategy.com. 
We strictly work in the greater metro area, meaning our client base is 
local and we've established our relationships in the DC market for the last 
14 years. I strictly recruit for positions in web/app development and I'd 
enjoy networking with anyone actively or passively looking for new 
opportunities in the area. I have included the job description below for 
one of the positions.
*Software Engineer – McLean, VA  *

 *The ideal candidate should have a firm understanding of PHP web 
development, as well as experience with relational databases such as MySQL 
or Postgres. *

 *The ideal candidate should be able to work in a group as well as on his 
or her own with minimal supervision.*


*Required Qualifications and SkillsA candidate for this position must 
possess:• 4+ years’ experience developing web applications• Hands-on 
knowledge of the PHP / LAMP Stack programming languages• The skills you 
will need to be successful in this role are primarily open source – PHP, 
JavaScript, jQuery, Postgres, MySQL, etc…• Good understanding of clean 
coding standards and practices.• Effective verbal and written communication 
skills and ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of 
people• Enthusiasm to want to develop cutting edge technology and solutions 
in a fast-paced and dynamically changing environment*


*Desired ExperienceA candidate for this position may also possess the 
following skills & experience:• Good understanding of Object-Oriented 
Programming (OOP) concepts• Experience architecting, documenting, and 
developing large, high volume, high availability web products• Experience 
with source/version control software• Experience writing systems based 
applications in C/C++• Experience integrating XML or JSON-based web 
services• Experience with PHP and JavaScript frameworks• Knowledge of 
relational databases - MySQL and Postgres• Exposure to additional front-end 
technologies such as HTML, CSS, LESS, or JavaScript• Mobile development• 
Experience with video player development such as flowplayer*


Gabriel Camut, Associate
Technology Contract Staffing
Office: 703-547-6746 <#>
Email: gca...@hirestrategy.com

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