If you happen to be in Europe or want a good excuse to get away, the CRAFT 
software conference in Budapest (a really fun city) has given DCPHP members a 
discount on the conference. More info:

"CRAFT is a software craftsmanship conference in April 23-25 at Budapest 
(http://craft-conf.com/2014), it is about which tools, methods, practices 
should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and it is a 
compass on new technologies, trends. You can learn from the best speakers and 
practitioners in our community like Bruce Eckel, Chad Fowler, Dan North, Eric 
Evans, Douglas Crockford, Gojko Adzic, Greg Young, John Hughes, John Willis, 
Jonas Bonér, Jutta Eckstein, Michael Feathers, Michael Nygard, Mitchell 
Hashimoto, Nat Pryce, Steve Freeman, Theo Schlossnagle.

Our main goal was to create an event where any type of developer, team leader, 
decision maker can learn a lot, and we believe we were able to convince a 
really unique speaker lineup to achieve this goal: 
http://craft-conf.com/2014/#speakers. We are non-profit so our ticket prices 
are 2-3 times cheaper than other conferences with similar speaker line-up, it 
was very important for us to keep the conference affordable for as wide 
audience as possible (we support for example many universities with free live 
stream). If you are still hesitating to get your ticket, read why we believe 
you should join: http://craft-conf.com/2014/about.html

As the member of the meetup group you can get $50 discount by using the 
following URL: 

Sandy Smith - http://musketeers.me/
php[architect] magazine: http://phparch.com/


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