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Job Description

We are looking for someone who wants to understand the business they are 
working for and not just churn out code all day.  The environment is 
casual, the hierarchy is flat and the challenges come daily.  A few of the 
many projects we are working on right now are:

   1. A Laravel-based company-wide acquisitions and retention management 
   2. A PHP (Wordpress-based) system to manage our publications stock 
   portfolios, integrating external data feeds; as well as a Wordpress-based 
   set of extensions to manage content at a company-wide level.
   3. A system which integrates separate Oracle, MySQL & MS SQL Server 
   systems into a unified restful API.

If you want to be able to own a project, gather requirements and interact 
daily with the people whose work lives you will be improving with these 
systems, this may be the place for you.  We truly want the individual to 
grow into a resource that interfaces with the non-technical departments and 
is able to share expertise in an advisory role; in other words, we want 
people who want to and deserve to become gurus.
Skills & Requirements

   - Solid knowledge of the LAMP stack.
   - Familiarity with PHP MVC frameworks, preferably Laravel…
   - Experience with RESTful APIs
   - Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery) & Bootstrap
   - Comfortable in an environment where management facilitates but does 
   not dictate.  You must be able to adopt a project and see it to completion.
   - A willingness to learn and willing to work on a team as often as not.

About Capitol Information Group, Inc.

Capitol Information Group, Inc.(*) (www.investingdaily.com & 
www.businessmanagementdaily.com) is a well-established publishing company 
with over 30 years in the industry.  We build online and print products to 
help self-directed investors and provide advice to business professionals 
in the areas of human resources, tax, leadership and management. (*) Our 
primary site, www.capinfogroup.com does not get a lot of love, we operate 
primarily as Investing Daily & Business Management Daily.  But, if you end 
up working for us and want to make the corporate site look awesome…

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