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> Hi!  
> Thanks for reading this.  MarketSmart's a great place to work (I work here 
> -I'm not a recruiter).  Expertise is respected, and it's fun.  We're 
> relatively small at the moment but have grown steadily since 2008. Momentum 
> is building fast and accelerating. Our key new SaaS product is currently in 
> development. Increasing infrastructure scalability and getting our new 
> product to beta testing are huge priorities for us.  We're a Strategic 
> Marketing firm serving nonprofit organizations.  Leveraging our proprietary 
> Internet tracking technologies to power major fundraising campaigns has 
> delivered dramatically better results for our clients than they've ever 
> seen before.  We offer scalable and extremely cost-effective solutions. 
>  We're getting ready to deliver on a much larger, global scale.  We love 
> what we do: our work is furthering the impact of every dollar donated to 
> our clients, so they can do more of their good works.
> We need an experienced software engineer to serve as Lead Developer within 
> our IT team.  
> Here's the JD!  If you like it and it's a good match, let me know!  (Pay 
> and benefits are in line with what you'd find at bigger companies). 
> ----------------------
> We need our Lead Developer to:
> • Collaboratively conceive, of and implement, the best programmatic design 
> for our flagship web application, SmartGiftmaker. 
> • Build IT processes and standards for efficient development and testing.
> • Guide MarketSmart’s IT strategy for ongoing scalability, portability and 
> security across our line of products and services.
> • Work with remote production teams to build and polish our platform.
> Do you have the following skills and qualifications?
> • WordPress (full LAMP stack): at least 5 years with proven track record.
> • Agile (or similar) project management, with examples of web application 
> projects led.
> • Javascript (jQuery and AJAX).
> • Version control (Git).
> • OOP –Object-Oriented Programming and database design.
> • Familiarity with APIs and parsing JSON/XML
> • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related subject (note: 
> non-degreed geniuses welcome to apply)!
> • Ability to communicate effectively with everyone from nontechnical 
> stakeholders to overseas development teams.
> • Bring passion, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day.
> • Demonstrate an equal willingness to learn, to share and to teach.
> Great to have, but not required:
> • Front-end skills, particularly experience with optimizing for older 
> browsers.
> • Experience with fundraising and the world of associations.
> • Experience with server administration (AWS EC2 with Ubuntu).
> Does this opportunity resonate with you?
> We offer a strong Benefits package, competitive pay and profit sharing. 
> Best: a team environment where character, passion and fun drive excellence, 
> and bureaucracy never slows it down. If this is what you've been looking 
> for, we hope you'll apply!
> When applying, please include a message in the body of your email 
> conveying why you’d be a strong candidate for the Lead Developer position, 
> in addition to attaching your resume and examples of your previous web 
> application development experience.
> Thank you!

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