I lost some of replied emails, Please email me at jerryy...@gmail.com 
directly if you emailed by but did not get response from me. Talked a few 
angel investors with good interests who want to see paying customers asap. 
If interested, please contact me again. The need is to clear bugs in 
CakePhP code. Current developer works 1 hour a day, not like a startup.



On Monday, April 10, 2017 at 10:49:09 AM UTC-4, Jerry Zhu wrote:
> Our PHP web app was developed by offshore developers and need a local DC 
> area developer to maintain ongoing as needed. This is a hobby outside of 
> your day job, good for evolving friendships and possible promising wealth. 
> A previous developer could answer questions. If interested, please contact 
> me directly for an in person chat.  
> Jerry

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