Hope this week treated everyone well! I have a new position that I could 
use some help with.

My team is working on a Drupal Developer position located in Downtown DC. 
Ideal candidates will have experience in Drupal 7 and/or 8 and be 
comfortable working in small teams as the technical expert. This person 
should be a self-starter with the desire to one day lead a team, feel 
comfortable relying on themselves to find the solutions to complex 
problems, and be able to work in a cross-collaborative environment to 
provide guidance about the feasibility of departmental requests.

Below are some additional details. If interested please shoot me an email 
at jacob.dech...@rht.com or call me at (202) 626-0250 ext.50319. Interviews 
will take place on the 16th of June with the goal of making an offer by the 
end of the month. I'm happy to answer any additional questions and go 
further into the position during a conversation.


*Position Title*: Drupal Developer

*Years of Experience: 3+*

*Pay (breaking out base and bonus): $90K - $130K (Based on experience)*

*Degree: Bachelors*


*Major duties and responsibilities:*

·       Innovate, problem solve and build forward-thinking solutions

·       Turn design specifications and mockups into functional products and 

·       Help create prototypes and proofs of concept to explore new avenues 
and possibilities in Drupal.

·       Perform custom Drupal/PHP programming and web application 

·       Help plan and develop an effective, custom admin workflow and UI

·       Enhance and maintain existing Drupal sites and products

·       Follow IT best practices and development processes

·       Conduct extensive browser/platform testing

·       Work collaboratively with fellow technical and design team members, 
and other off-site partners


*Technical Qualifications:*

·       Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field

·       3+ years of experience in Drupal development (Experience with 
Drupal7 and 8 preferred)

·       Solid knowledge of Drupal contributed modules, including CTOOLS 
content types, Views, Panels, Features and Rules.

·       Knowledge of the Drupal theme layer and front-end technologies 
(Javascript/jQuery, HTML5, CSS)

·       Proficiency in Drupal back-end development, including custom modules

·       Experience with large distributed web sites, complex data 
structures and complicated business rules

·       Strong communication skills in both technical and non-technical 

·       Ability to handle a fast-paced work environment, multiple 
deadlines, and new challenges

·       Must be creative, independent and have a strong work ethic 

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