Neither of the representatives or senators are in the districts we operate in. 
I am 

although willing to help any way I am able including go with you to Olympia 



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If these are your representatives Please go to  
The bills we care about are Senate Bill 5139 and House Bill 1938, both still in 
committee. Your attention each year has killed these repeatedly submitted 
bills, if you wish to comment below is the text that I sent to my 
representatives.  You can change the address to any place you have a tower so 
it's not limited to your home office, this covers more representatives.

"In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan "There you go again", Even though the 
State Department of Commerce has done a comprehensive study and found 
Washington state is 98% covered with high speed Internet by the private sector, 
the PUD's and port districts want to start overbuilding and selling to the 
public.  When they obtained permission to sell Wholesale their intent all along 
was to do retail.  Thanks to programs like BTOP Federal grants the middle mile 
is now well covered and with their prices far above what private vendors sell 
for they are bleeding red.

Private sector investment was secured based on reasonable competition, not ones 
subsidized by taxpayers.  With PUD line employees making $30-$50 an hour 
compared to private sector $15/hour jobs plus prevailing wage it doesn't take 
long to pencil out how government can't and won't compete without taking a huge 
loss at taxpayer expense.  Once again we point out that the private sector has 
this covered. We please ask that you KILL this unnecessary waste of tax dollars 
meant to duplicate and directly compete against the private sector."

Senate Committee Members:

Committee Members




 <> Ericksen, Doug 

414 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7682

 <> Sheldon, Tim (D)
Vice Chair

312 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7668

 <> Carlyle, Reuven 
Ranking Minority Member

213 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7670

 <> Brown, Sharon (R)

202 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7614

 <> Hobbs, Steve (D)

239 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7686

 <> Honeyford, 
Jim (R)

112 Irv Newhouse Building

(360) 786-7684

 <> Ranker, Kevin (D)

215 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7678

 <> Short, Shelly (R)

409 Legislative Building

(360) 786-7612

 <> Wellman, Lisa 

218 John A. Cherberg Building

(360) 786-7641

House Committee Members:




 <> Morris, 
Jeff (D)

436A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7970

 <> Kloba, 
Shelley (D)
Vice Chair

132A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7900

Tarleton, Gael (D)
Vice Chair

429A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7860

 <> Smith, 
Norma (R)
Ranking Minority Member

435 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7884

 <> DeBolt, 
Richard (R)
Asst Ranking Minority Member

425A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7896

 <> Doglio, 
Beth (D)

317 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7992

 <> Fey, Jake (D)

414 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7974

Harmsworth, Mark (R)

466 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7892

 <> Hudgins, 
Zack (D)

438A Legislative Building

(360) 786-7956

Manweller, Matt (R)

470 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7808

McDonald, Joyce (R)

406 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7968

 <> Nealey, 
Terry (R)

404 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7828

 <> Santos, 
Sharon Tomiko (D)

321 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7944

 <> Slatter, 
Vandana (D)

336 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7936

 <> Steele, 
Mike (R)

122F Legislative Building

(360) 786-7832

 <> Wylie, 
Sharon (D)

310 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7924

 <> Young, 
Jesse (R)

422 John L. O'Brien Building

(360) 786-7964

Thank you, Now call, email or go online and add your comment to your Rep!

Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

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