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The very first bill out of the Senate this year is one we killed last special session.  It's obviously a result of content providers likely Microsoft, Google and/or Amazon weary of the potential for ISP's to enter the data selling market from customers just like they always have.  It's called SB5959

Prohibits certain telecommunications or internet service providers from: (1) Collecting personal information from a customer resulting from the customer's use of the telecommunications or internet service provider without express written approval from the customer; and (2) Refusing to provide its services to a customer on the grounds that the customer has not approved collection of his or her personal information.

If you can find the time to write your Senator please ask them why content providers who use data exactly as this bill is directed at us are not required to have written notice from their customers?  Also since ISP's are privately funded, not a utility how can the state dictate our right to refuse service to anyone?   This just increases our exposure to liability if we have a problem customer who can now claim we dumped them because of this law when it was for something entirely different.

Tell the State we are fully aware they are attempting to write a law to give favoritism to content providers over ISP's and no "privacy" is protected by this law as customer's data is already being used.  If you have the following Senators in your district they are the emphasis of our needed contact:

Senators: Ranker <>,Fain <>,Miloscia <>,Rivers <>,Rossi <>,Billig <>,Carlyle <>,Brown <>,Rolfes <>,Frockt <>,Hasegawa <>,Conway <>,Warnick <>,Darneille <>,Pedersen <>,Keiser <>,Zeiger <>,Baumgartner <>,

Cleveland <>,Chase <>,Kuderer <>,Takko <>,McCoy <>,Hunt <>,Nelson <>,Saldaña <>,Fortunato <>,Liias <>,Short <>,Mullet <>,Palumbo <>,Wellman <>,Hobbs <>,Pearson <>,Sheldon <>

Good Luck and thanks for working to keep the Internet clear of regulation,  I'm sure soon we'll be back to once again stop the PUD's from selling retail service,

Forbes Mercy
President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

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