Where are you getting your numbers?  I show:

Kitsap County 566 sq miles
Island County 517 sq miles
San Juan County 621 sq miles

The only one I see it effecting is Wahkiakum County.  I didn't even know 
it existed.

It says an area of less the 500 square miles.  It doesn't specify a land 
area of 500 square miles.

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On 3/5/2018 5:03 PM, Forbes Mercy wrote:
> SB 6034-S.E - DIGEST (AS OF SENATE 2ND READING 2/12/18) Authorizes a 
> public utility district that provides only water, sewer, and wholesale 
> telecommunications services, in a county with an area less than five 
> hundred square miles and is located west of the Puget Sound, to *provide 
> end-user internet services to end users on the district's broadband 
> network located within the district boundaries only when all of the 
> existing providers of the service on the district's broadband network 
> cease to provide end-user service or provide inadequate end-user service.*
> You see that last exception, /*"inadequate end-user service"*/*/./ *The 
> bill acts like it's not trying to stomp on local providers until that 
> last piece, an arbitrary statement that allows them to say service is 
> substandard when it isn't.
> _*Here are the counties affected by this about to be passed law:*_
> *Kitsap County - 394.94 sq. miles*
> *Wahkiakum - 263.38 sq. miles*
> *Island County - 208.45 sq. miles*
> *San Juan, County - 173.92 sq miles*
> And with this the state now has it's foot in the door of selling retail 
> Internet, pretty bad year for ISP's in Washington with turning us into a 
> utility and forcing Net Neutrality down our throats.  A bad year to 
> invest in new infrastructure knowing now that the Government has proven 
> they can come in and take over your industry with one swipe.
> Forbes Mercy
> Washington Broadband, Inc.*
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