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Subject: [Washington] FMLA 

I would like to poll the companies on this list as to who would be 
interested in making an organized effort to have our legislators 
introduce legislation in the next session to modify the Family Medical 
Leave Act (FMLA) to exempt employers from having to pay into this fund.  
I don't know of one employer who would ever use this program as we just 
continue to pay ourselves when we're off for any reason and that paying 
into this fund is equivalent to taxation with representation or benefit.

If you are interested in participating I can prepare a template letter 
you can send to your state representatives to encourage them to 
introduce this in the next session.  We don't pay Labor and Industries 
or Unemployment, why we were included in this program is nonsensical.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this 
effort.  It's a minimal time effort to forward a template letter to your 
legislative representatives that you can find on the Washington State 
legislative website and that's all.

Forbes Mercy

President - Washington Broadband, Inc.

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