larryi      01/07/18 19:39:50

  Modified:    src/server/jsp-tests/jsp/engine/JspWriter/misc Tag:
                        tomcat_32 positiveGetRemaining.jsp
  For JSP's with only CR as the line terminator, jasper from jakarta-tomcat
  would end up stripping the line termination from both the java file and in the
  HTML output. jasper was updated to preserve the line termination found in
  the JSP file.  For systems with 1 character line termination, getRemaining()
  returns 8 bytes more than on CRLF systems.
  Updating this test to always report the getRemaining() count as if CRLF is
  being used.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision +4 -2      
  Index: positiveGetRemaining.jsp
  RCS file: 
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.
  --- positiveGetRemaining.jsp  1999/10/09 00:44:00
  +++ positiveGetRemaining.jsp  2001/07/19 02:39:49
  @@ -5,14 +5,16 @@
    Name : positiveGetRemaining
    Description : Set the buffer using the buffer directive and then call the 
  - getRemaining() method.
  + getRemaining() method.  Assumes the line separator written to the buffer
  + is the same as the line separator for the system.  Value reported will
  + be as if CRLF was used.
   <!-- this is to test if getRemaining method works with no buffer-->
   <!-- setting buffer size to 5kb using directive -->
   <%@ page buffer="5kb" %>
  -<% out.print("got="+out.getRemaining()); %>
out.print("got="+(out.getRemaining()-(System.getProperty("line.separator").length() == 
1 ? 8 : 0))); %>
   <!-- expected to return remaining buffer size --> 

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