On Fri, 2002-06-21 at 11:39, Christopher K. St. John wrote:
> Is watchdog a regular Jakart project, or does it have a
> special Sun/Jakarta status? 

It's a Jakarta project whos primary committer happens to be a Sun
employee who takes the test code he writes for Sun and pushes it out to 
Watchdog.  It may seem that this particular project is somewhat less
open in some respects, but I believe this is due to the lack of interest
in this project by the community.  

Since I've started maintaining the 'dog' there has been very little in
the way of community patch submissions, and until very recently no new
tests submissions of any kind.  Since the activity has been so low, I've
made the occasional change to the test driver to make enhancements and
have given thought to changing over to a new testing harness.  

Yes, Jakarta does have a process for proposals, and the new testing
harness would not have been checked in until a vote was
called...however, I had no idea if there would be any reaction at all 
from the community.  Right now it would seem your the most active
Watchdog member at this time.

So if you have some ideas on how you think Watchdog can improve, then
please bring them up.  Submit patches.  Submit new tests.  If you feel
that this particular project has committed other "open source fouls"
please let me know, and lets see what can be done to correct them.

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