I was able to get my script to work using an exists? however i'm still
curious as to how to evaluate if an object of if the container type.
Been looking through element.rb and contain.rb but my ruby skills are
neewbie level 1.

Thanks for your time

On Oct 23, 10:13 am, niartseoj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello
> I'm trying to find the method to run in order to determine if a
> variarable is a container and if so what sort of container it is.
> I'm doing this because i have to loop through a table, and identify if
> there is a cell that contains a link with a matching name and a
> certain type of image object.
>           t = ie.table(:index,  7)                      # since we
> don't have ID's, look at every table
>           for i in 1..t.row_count                  # for every row in this
> table
>            t[i].each do |cell|                    # for every column in this
> row, look at its contents
>               if cell.text == _userid.to_s
>                       if cell.image(:src, /enabled/).exists?
>                         $atag = cell.link(:index,1)
>                       end
>              end
>           end
>           end
>  puts $atag.control_type
> In this code i need to handle if the $atag is set or if it is nill .
> I'm a neewbie in ruby and watir and i've been going through all the
> helpfiles and examples that i can find to do this but no luck,
> Thanks in advance for any help or direction to my search.
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