> So question is: Is it possible to run FireWatir in something like that or
> you need a graphics environment such as xWindows where FireFox can be
> launched?

Once you get this set up and working it's a really nice way to go.

We use the 'blackbox' window manager and run FF under x11vnc on
display 0.

Then you can reverse tunnel to your host like

ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 'x11vnc -localhost -shared
-display :0'

Connect your favorite VNC client to localhost:5900 to watch the
browser running in the window manager.

This is particularly nice if you are running acceptance tests in a CI
system, or in my case, in an infinite loop 24/7.  Linux machines
rarely need restarting, so my Linux host runs for days and days and
days without need for maintenance.
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