I'm not behind a firewall, but I've been hearing several reports from 
people that that they are not able to get the HTTP_PROXY setting for the 
gem install command to work correctly. This worries me because several 
people have been trying to workaround this problem by downloading gems 
locally. I am not in favor of this solution, because it seems 
unmaintainable. I don't know how to keep an up-to-date list of all the 
require gems, since the gems required by the watir gems themselves are 
subject to changes that I don't track.

Therefore I've done some research on the HTTP_PROXY problem. There are 
several reports that this does now work a particular type of Windows 
proxy. Could some one who is facing this problem review this reports and 
let me know whether they represent practical solutions to this problem?



Next we install the Ruby Win32 SSPI 
<http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubysspi/> which gives ruby the ability 
to authenticate with ISA natively. We need this library because as far 
as I understand, it patches the Open-uri library because of some 
incompatibilities with windows.


      Authenticating Windows Proxy Problems

/How can I install a gem from behind a Windows proxy that requires 
authentication? I’ve tried *username(colon)password(at)proxyaddress* in 
the—http-proxy url but that doesn’t seem to work./

This suggests you’re behind an MS Proxy that does NTLM authentication. 
The proxy support in Ruby is currently only for Basic authentication.

A workaround is to install http://apserver.sourceforge.net apserver 
<http://apserver.sourceforge.net> on your local machine, configure it 
and run gems through this proxy.

    * /Install:/ Just download apserver 097 (and *not* the experimental
      098!) and unpack.
    * /Configure:/ Edit the server.cfg file and put the values for your
      MS proxy in PARENT_PROXY and PARENT_PROXY_PORT. Enter the values
      for DOMAIN and USER. Leave PASSWORD blank (nothing after the
      colon) – you will be prompted when launching it.
    * /Run apserver:/ cd aps097; python main.py
    * /Run Gems:/ gem install—http-proxy http://localhost:5865/ library

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