While trying to run a testcase i keep getting an error -
This is the script -
require 'watir'
Watir::Browser.default = 'ie'
brow = Watir::Browser.new()

tried with both firefox and ie and i get the same error
watir-common-1.6.0/lib/watir/browser.rb:20:in `klass': (eval):1:in
`klass': uninitialized constant Watir::IE (NameError)
watir-common-1.6.0/lib/watir/browser.rb:20:in `klass': (eval):1:in
`klass': uninitialized constant FireWatir::Firefox (NameError)

Made changes to browser.rb, added this at the beginning of the file to
make it work-
require 'watir/options'
require 'watir/ie'
require 'firewatir'

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