We've recently rebuilt our entire product and the web portion now uses
RAD controls.  As part of the implimentation our navigation is a Tab
strip across the top of the site.  Each of these tabs is implimented
using RAD controls in a Unordered List, then an LI

The general hierarchy is like so:

<DIV class=levelwrap level1>
                 <A id=ctl00_theHeader_tabStrip_ctl01>
                       -- Inside here I have:  href =  (URL to landing
page if you click on this tab), id (ctl00_theHeader_tabStrip_ctl01),
style (Z-INDEX: 5), z-index (css)  (5)

Anyone know how I can 'click' on this tab

I have no idea how to use 'LI' Watir method...

I'm no developer, just a lowly tester trying to automate the monkey

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