JArkelen wrote:
> When I use the instructions from this article:
> http://justaddwatir.com/watir/q-how-do-i-gem-install-watir-behind-a-proxy-server,
> then I don't get the previously mentioned error anymore. But when I
> use "gem install watir-1.6.1", the I get the following error: "watir
> requires commonwatir = 1.6.1".
> Both commonwatir and firewatir are in the same directory however. And
> when I decide to install commonwatir first, it requires a lot of other
> gems, like user-choices and xml-simple. Any suggestions?
1. Don't rename the gems. (The gem installer can't find them if you do 
2. Use "watir" not "watir-1.6.1" in your gem install command.
3. Since you are behind a firewall, you should specify a http proxy 
whenever using the "gem install" command. (I'm not able to access the 
justaddwatir page right now, but i think it suggests that you download 
and manually install all dependent gems. This is an extremely complex 
and laborous procedure and I don't recommend it. Instead use HTTP_PROXY.)

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