The modal window support in watir 1.6.1 works with ruby 1.8.6. Please 
take a look at it.


Sunil Philip wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is my first post. Ive been using watir for a while and the
> support i get from this group is really great cos ive learnt almost
> everything from here only. Good work Guys!
> Now coming to the point. The versions which I use are:
> 1. ruby182-14
> 2. watir-1.5.3
> ...since i use modal windows. Im facing a memory issue while attaching
> more than 3 IE windows. in our product we have submenus which will
> open in a new window and that may require us to attach even 4-5 IE
> windows. the problem is, from the 3rd attached IE window..when i click
> on any button..the window gets closed. Later, from the error message,
> i came to know that its a memory issue.
> How can it be resolved?
> Even if its resolved in the latest watir version, i may not be able to
> use it since im dealing withy modal windows also. Pls help!!
> Regards,
> Sunil
> >

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