I had to install recently after my company gave me a spiffy new

and ran into some problems getting the all_test to run .

In installed
Ruby 1.8.6
Watir 1.5.6

I had to manually install the AutiItX3.dll

regsvr32 "C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems\watir-1.5.6\watir

And also set IE to allow active content to pass. by IE, Tool, Internet
Options, Advanced…Security

Not sure if this is going to help you or not but wanted to pass it on

On Nov 5, 7:39 am, Guru <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Once after Installation I have run the core_tests.rb in the Unit test
> folder. I have got all the results as failure. upon running some other
> ruby script and again i tried to run the same core_tests.rb script.
> that time i got to get no failures but only the assertions are there
> in 1176 some numbers. What is this mean? Whether I have installed the
> Watir and ruby properly or not?
> Please help me in this scenario.
> -Kumar
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