I mean the conts[] contains chinese characters, watir can input the
right ones but the firewatir input to the web form with messy ones.

On 11月9日, 上午12时36分, jnxgn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It seemed that firewatir 1.6.2 does not support chinese charaters
> well, the following codes work at watir but failed at firewatir:
> # initialize the contents
> conts = []
> File.open('contents.txt') do |f|
>   f.each_line{|l| conts << l}
> end
> .........
> .........
> ie77.text_field(:name,
> 'HTML_speak_Content').set(conts[rand(conts.size)])
> I also tried but failed for firewatir:
> tmp_contents = conts[rand(conts.size)]
> ie77.text_field(:name, 'HTML_speak_Content').value = tmp_contents
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