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> How could I get all the possible values of a radio button?
> For example if I  have something like:
>  <input type="radio" name="email_frequency" value="daily">Daily Email</
> input>
>  <input type="radio" name="email_frequency" value="weekly">Weekly
> Email</input>
>  <input type="radio" name="email_frequency" value="monthly">Monthly
> Email</input>
> How could I get all the possible values: daily, weekly and monthly
you are going to have to wait until we build the radio_group in Watirloo
but in the meantime I use this helper method for radio groups and for
checkbox groups

  def get_values_by_name(name)
    value_list = []
    @browser.document.getElementsByName(name).each do |el|
      value_list << el.attributes('value').value
    return value_list

in your example

# => ['daily', 'weekly', 'monthly']

and page object is the semantic wrapper in Watirloo that provides @browser

if you don't want to bother with Page class then use the guts of the method

marekj | i can has watir framework
Semantic Page Objects Modeling in Watir

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