A number of people are running into a problem with Watir 1.6 that has a 
simple solution.

If you are getting an "Uninitialized Constant" error, please add 
"require 'watir/ie'" to your script.

Here is a long explanation for what is happening.

With Watir 1.5 and prior "require 'watir'" loaded the Watir::IE class. 
That changed with Watir 1.6. Now when you "require 'watir'" it only 
loads the generic Watir::Browser class. To get the Watir::IE class, 
someone has to load "watir/ie" which is the new name for the library 
containing Watir::IE. This happens when the following occurs:

1. You make a reference to Watir::IE (which autoloads "watir/ie")
2. You call Watir::Browser.new when configured to test with 'ie'
3. You directly do 'require "watir/ie"'

You have to do #3 if

- You are monkey patching Watir::IE or one of its collaborating classes.
- You are using 'enabled_popup' (although this will be fixed in the next 
- You are doing something else tricky


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