Hi all,

I'm trying to grab and print the text 'db_ABC' from the browser page.
On the page, the text is "Connected to: Current Database (db_ABC)".
The html code is:

<div id="db_top" style="float: right; text-align: right; padding-
right: 10px;">
<span id="db_data">
Connected to:
<b>Current Database</b>
Fri, 14 Nov 2008 14:37:31 GMT

When I try:
@ie.div(:id, db_top).span(:id, db_data).flash

I get the error: undefined local variable or method `db_top' for
#<Object:0x27bf9ec> (NameError)

Turns out I cannot find the element 'db_ABC' via the IE Developer
toolbar for some reason.

So instead when I try:
@dbname = @ie.div(:id, db_top).span(:text, /idb_/).to_s
puts "currently connected to database " [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I still get the same NameError. Any help is much appreciated.
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