Thanks for sharing your report. I looked at Ruby in Steel over a year 
ago and it sounds like it has made a lot of progress since then.

Back then, our developers were using Visual Studio as well. I agree that 
it is very attractive for this kind of environment.


Chuck vdL wrote:
> I'm having a look at Ruby in Steel as a potential IDE for doing
> testing automation with Watir.
>  <>
> Mostly because:
>  1) all my devs use Visual Studio for their work, so it puts me on the
> same platform, gives me good integration with our source control etc.
>  2) Intellisense!!!   since I'm new to Watir and have not memorized
> all the applicable methods for each object etc.. and also new to
> ruby.  Well it just makes it a hell of a lot easier.
>  3) awsome debugger
> Firstly:  Has anyone else looked at this?  Does anyone else use it?
> I could only find one reference here when searching this group.
> Secondly, I'm having a problem:  It appears to get Intellisense
> working, I have to add the watir code using their 'ruby librarian'
> utility.. so I pointed it at the various lib directories under c\ruby
> \lib\ruby\gems\1.8\gems   for commonwatir, firewatir, watir and asked
> it to add all the .rb files found there.
> In the process it gives me the following error
> "unexpected token - '*'   htmlelements.rb  Line 1563  column 20  "
>  the file appears to be part of Firewatir.  Anyone here have an idea
> why it might be giving me that message?
> >

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