Hey Tony,
Everything's working fine now.
The "regsvr32" file was located in C:\Windows\system32 folder. I had
copied it to the folder where AutoItX3.dll file is located and
executed the command. Scripts run fine now.
I do NOT get the error anymore.

Thank you for the help.


On Dec 13, 8:45 pm, Margam <nk.mar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> HI Tony,
> The problem is in the PC at work. I will try out your suggestion on
> Monday and will reply.
> Thank you for the suggestion.
> Margam
> On Dec 12, 8:08 pm, Tony <ynot...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Margam,
> > Weird that regsvr32 is not found .... hmm...
> > Anyways could try and search for the regsvr32.exe file in location C:
> > \WINDOWS\system32
> > If present run the command from C:\WINDOWS\system32, else try and get
> > a copy of regsvr32 from another system and copy it to your system.
> > Should work .. but i doubt that regsvr32 is removed from your system.
> > -Tony
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