Ok I had to go ahead and add support for th tag myself. I added the
following code to my Watir script:

module Watir
  class TH < NonControlElement
    TAG = 'TH'
  module Container
    def TH(how, what)
      return TH.new(self, how, what)

I can now select the element via TH tag.

Thanks all!

On Dec 18, 10:05 am, maven999 <maven...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Wilson,
> Unfortunately, the app is not publicly available so I cannot attach
> the html file.
> al3kc, I tried the xpath method you suggested but it didn't work
> either. I get the following error:
>   1) Error:
> test_Statistics(TC_UI):
> NoMethodError: undefined method `click' for nil:NilClass
>     C:/ruby/test/Ian.rb:167:in `test_Statistics'
> Its worth noting that there is more than one dojoGrid-cell in the
> grid, so thats probably why find-by-xpath failed.
> On Dec 18, 3:39 am, al3kc <aleks.kiev...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > You can use
> > ie.element_by_xpath("//t...@class = 'dojoxGrid-cell']").click
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