Hi all,
Can anyone help me in giving answers that which of these are supported
by watir and which are not.Below are some project requirement:

1.Should support all type of Fonts.
3.Overlay Pages
4.Help Bubbles
5.Can be used for Load Testing?
6.Command Line, Batch Mode, Versioning
7.Tidal Invocation
8.Data Wizard(data bank)
9.Navigation should support by two ways
    1)By programmatically and clicking buttons [ Index wise, position
10.Fault Tolerance
11.Behaviour on different browsers
12.Exclusion Rules (test cases within suite)
14.Interoperability of tools

scheduling mode and batch Mode
Centralization(Clinet and Server)
It should support share module (Library of function developed in VBA)
E-mail notification for results
Synch of with VSS

Script Portability
Run against different version, env, releases


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