ie has some real bad memory leaks, so the problem might be that IE
leaks memory rather than a watir issue. In which case, do 400, and
then restart IE ;-)

in your sample code, all you seem to be doing is checking for some
text - if thats all you are doing, then use something like net/http
and avoid IE completely


On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 2:40 PM, AR <> wrote:
> I've been having some issues with scripts that ask IE to visit a lot
> of URLs eventually killing IE and failing.  In these instances,
> ruby.exe is sitting right around 30Mb of memory, Excel (used to import
> data) is around 5Mb, and IE works itself up from 100Mb to 1.5Gb.
> At it's most basic point, I have a script that gathers around 2,000
> strings into a single array.  The script then iterates through this
> array formatting a URL for IE using these strings.  IE uses a goto to
> visit the page.  For instance, I boiled a script down to the code
> below and experience the same memory problems:
> array = [blah] #around 2,000 entries
> def test
>  array.each do |city|
>   url = "{city}";
>   ie.goto url
>   if ie.contains_text(city)
>    puts "yay"
>   else
>    puts "nay"
>   end #if
>  end #array.each
> end #test_goto
> I've omitted the assigning of the array, but since excel and ruby
> aren't hoarding memory, I don't believe this is related.  So in this
> case, why is IE eating so much memory?  I tried another instance where
> I added the ie = and an ie.close to the function, but
> opening and closing IE for each url took up more memory.
> Is there another way I should be doing this?  Right now IE will
> survive for about 400 URLs and then die out.  I'm running it on an XP
> laptop w/ 4Gb RAM and dual 2.2Ghz procs.
> >

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