1. somehow you did not actually install watir.
2. you should use watir 1.6.2. it is better.


Rahil wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>  Am using watir for quite some time with ruby version 1.8.4 and watir
> gem version Till now it was working fine for me with this
> version but just now i have upgraded my ruby to 1.8.6 and watir gem to
> which also supports firefox. Now am done with my
> installation but when as i try to execute any of my watir test ,
> getting error " LoadError: no such file to load -- watir
>         from (irb):1:in `require'
>         from (irb):1 "
> I tried the same in irb "require 'watir' ", here also getting same
> error for both in IE and Firefox. Is this problem with latest version
> or I need to do something more to get start with latest version.
> Cheers
> Amit
> >

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