Thank you for your responses.

Andy, I do believe they are going to use the tools inside VS to create
the build. I have suggested that they build the code, run unit tests
to verify the compile, automate deployments to a test machine, where I
could then run my watir scripts (scheduled nightly) that would test
the web app's functionality.

I think maybe they were thinking they could kick off a happy path
script as soon as the build completed to verify that everything still
worked within the build machine. If that is what they decide they
really want, then your suggestions for NAnt or MSBuild are going to be
beneficial in helping them achieve that result.

thanks again!

On Jan 21, 2:30 pm, Andy Sipe <> wrote:
> I run several different builds that have automated watir scripts running in
> them.   These are mostly .net applications.
> When you say:
> "The development team is moving towards configuring continuous integration
> builds from within Visual Studio 2008"
> If that means they are going to install VS on the build server and build
> from in side it, then I don't have any idea how you'd run watir scripts from
> inside VS.   I'd suggest that installing the dev environment on the CI
> server isn't the best solution in the long term :)
> If however they are planning on using NAnt or MSBuild then you can easily
> run the watir scripts.   In NAnt for example you can <exec...> ruby and run
> the scripts just like you do during development (assuming you use the
> command line).   MSBuild has something similar.
> It is definately doable and well worth the time.
> -andy
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 2:06 PM, heymarii <> wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experience doing this? I would love for you to
> > share you thoughts....
> > The development team is moving towards configuring continuous
> > integration builds from within Visual Studio 2008. There are questions
> > on whether or not we can use Watir (or exisiting watir scripts). Once
> > code is checked in and built, then it would go into launching tests
> > automatically to ensure the build didn't break anything. They were
> > hoping to run already existing watir scripts, but I wasn't sure that
> > it would work.
> > I have had difficulty trying to use VS as a wrapper to run existing
> > watir scripts and so I wasn't sure if there was a simple way of
> > meeting their needs.
> > Any thoughts, past experiences, or ideas on how to do this would be
> > appreciated.
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