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its the nature of the beast

when you do $ie.table(:id,'value).body(:index,1) you are actually
using a TableBody class. TableBody does not define row_count. To get
around this you could also probably do $ie.table(:id,'value).body
(:index,1).rows.length and avoid iterating over the whole thing.

also you could just ignore the .body, and do $ie.table
(:id,'value).rows.length (or .row_count)

On Jan 21, 1:22 pm, Moochie <> wrote:
> #Doesn't work
> table_id = $ie.table(:id,'value).body(:index,1)
> put table_id.row_count
> #Works
>  row_counter = 0
>  table_id.body(:index,1).each do | row |
>     row_counter = row_counter + 1
>  end
> puts row_counter

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