Hi Bret!

Is compiling JSSH for Solaris on your roadmap or is this something we
can/should do on our own?

Does this mean that support for IE on Solaris already exists?



On Jan 23, 12:15 pm, Bret Pettichord <b...@pettichord.com> wrote:
> This will require that JSSH (the firefox plug in) be compiled for
> Solaris. This will allow Watir to test Firefox on Solaris.
> Bret
> Tiffany Fodor wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > Just curious if anyone is successfully running Watir on Solaris.  I
> > have a friend who would like to use Watir, but needs to run it on
> > Solaris as well as Windows.  She only needs to test IE and Firefox, so
> > the browsers are covered.
> > Thanks!
> > -Tiffany
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