Using the "example_logger" and am getting my explicit messages fine.
What I'm not getting are the error messages that Test::Unit throws for
each test case that fails at the end of program execution. You know,
the stuff that looks like:

  1) Error:
Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException: Unable to locate object,
using id and
    ./watir.rb:2413:in `assert_exists'
    ./watir.rb:2487:in `document'
    ./watir.rb:1157:in `each_element'
    ./watir.rb:1166:in `locate'
    ./watir.rb:1123:in `locate_tagged_element'
    ./watir.rb:3089:in `locate'
    ./watir.rb:2411:in `assert_exists'
    ./watir.rb:2642:in `enabled?'
    ./watir.rb:2417:in `assert_enabled'
    ./watir.rb:2587:in `click!'
    ./watir.rb:2573:in `click'
    regression_test.rb:236:in `test_1'

7 tests, 0 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors

At places where I'm anticipating errors I'm rescuing the error message
and then explicitly outputting it to the logger, but I want to catch
the UNanticipated errors, like the one above. Also, I just think it's
convenient the way Test::Unit presents the error that caused each test
case in a script to fail all together at the end of execution.

Any suggestions how to get this final stuff into my log file?


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