I would advice to continue this at a different place as this is a
Watir forum. It is interesting to learn about automation of terminal
emulators but this is really not the place.



On Feb 10, 2:20 pm, SANTOSH SOLAPURKAR <sansolapur...@gmail.com>
> What kind of terminal eimulator you are using, most of these Emulators
> support api/ehhlapi to interface with VB or other language for scription.
> Once you know that you can implement same functions in Ruby which will make
> your too free of cost...
> I had done same for our mainframe like emulator which is non standard 5250
> or 3270 emulators. One of terminal emulator i know which has scripting is
> intelletermhttp://www.distinct.com/intelliterm/intelliterm.htmwhich u can
> intregate with word excel for reporting purpose
> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 12:08 PM, Bill Agee <billa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > 2. We also test a variety of browser based software this is currently
> > > done via QTP therefore strategically any move I would contemplate would
> > > demand that so far as is possible all testing should be on a single
> > > platform with a single scripting language.
> > I think the "single scripting language" requirement you have may
> > exclude this suggestion, but you might want to check out Expect - it's
> > free and is available for Windows:
> >http://expect.nist.gov/
> >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expect
> > But since Expect scripts must be written in Tcl, and Expect cannot
> > test Windows GUI apps, it may not work in your situation.
> > A couple of Expect workalikes written for Ruby, Perl, and Python (and
> > maybe more?) exist, but the Ruby version (Rexpect) does not function
> > on Windows last I checked.  Not sure about the Perl and Python
> > libraries.
> > Thanks
> > Bill
> --
> Santosh Solpaurkar
> Software Engineer
> CGI Mumbai
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