The app Ive been working on is all drag and drop. I think Im a reasonable
javascript developer, and I know a bit about watir ;-)
Drag and drop is really hard on my app. You need to have a really good
understanding of the dom. Some of the more recent libraries, jquery ,
prototype etc have made it much simpler for developers, and make it easier
for testers too, as there are now fewer different ways that drag drop is
likely to be implemented.
Ive got code to do this for ie and firefox for the app I work on and Ive
created sample apps using jquery and prototype, but my code for IE isnt
currently working for these ( it works fine for firefox though) However I
still need to do more unit tests, and update to the latest watir releases. I
was hoping to have all this done by now, but as is the way of the world, Im
running behind. Im still committed to getting this done, but dont have a
whole lot of time for the next 8 weeks or so. So it might happen by the end
of April.


On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 9:15 AM, JackieH <> wrote:

> I have to agree.  I have really enjoyed learning Watir and find it
> very easy and intuitive to use, but in tasked with scripting a page
> that contains Drag and Drop it has been a challenge to say the
> least.   I have tried many examples from the group and the code
> provided on the Wiki but it is like Bill said, almost a different
> language.  I understand that scripting purely mouse driven events is
> going to be difficult, but it just seems that there are so many smart
> people in this group that the solutions would be better defined...
> On Feb 12, 10:04 am, Bill Mosteller <> wrote:
> > 30 June 2006, dannyy wrote:
> > We are able to write very robust and concise test cases, such as
> > automating drag-and-drop without knowing how such behavior is
> > implemented.
> >
> > I'm wondering what he's talking about?
> >
> > I've successfully written drag and drop scripts in SilkTest and
> > Selenium, but doing so in Watir appears to be very difficult.  The few
> > examples I've seen are so different from the isn't-this-easy tutorials
> > on Watir as to be almost a different language.  The drag_contents_to
> > method appears so specialized as to be useless for any sort of actual
> > drag and drop automation I'd actually be able to use.  When forum
> > members comment on drag and drop difficulties, others tell them when
> > they're older they'll understand.  Such guidance is not so helpful
> > when I'm trying to field a test suite that must include drag and drop.
> >
> > Bill Mosteller
> > Eloqua
> >

Paul Rogers!

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