Would you be willing to just put this on github (well, the parts you
can open source) anb let others take a look at it
Thank you kindly.


Watirloo: Semantic Page Objects in UseCases
Human Readable Machine Executable Acceptance Testing

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Paul Rogers <> wrote:
> The app Ive been working on is all drag and drop. I think Im a reasonable
> javascript developer, and I know a bit about watir ;-)
> Drag and drop is really hard on my app. You need to have a really good
> understanding of the dom. Some of the more recent libraries, jquery ,
> prototype etc have made it much simpler for developers, and make it easier
> for testers too, as there are now fewer different ways that drag drop is
> likely to be implemented.
> Ive got code to do this for ie and firefox for the app I work on and Ive
> created sample apps using jquery and prototype, but my code for IE isnt
> currently working for these ( it works fine for firefox though) However I
> still need to do more unit tests, and update to the latest watir releases. I
> was hoping to have all this done by now, but as is the way of the world, Im
> running behind. Im still committed to getting this done, but dont have a
> whole lot of time for the next 8 weeks or so. So it might happen by the end
> of April.
> Paul
> On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 9:15 AM, JackieH <> wrote:
>> I have to agree.  I have really enjoyed learning Watir and find it
>> very easy and intuitive to use, but in tasked with scripting a page
>> that contains Drag and Drop it has been a challenge to say the
>> least.   I have tried many examples from the group and the code
>> provided on the Wiki but it is like Bill said, almost a different
>> language.  I understand that scripting purely mouse driven events is
>> going to be difficult, but it just seems that there are so many smart
>> people in this group that the solutions would be better defined...
>> On Feb 12, 10:04 am, Bill Mosteller <> wrote:
>> > 30 June 2006, dannyy wrote:
>> > We are able to write very robust and concise test cases, such as
>> > automating drag-and-drop without knowing how such behavior is
>> > implemented.
>> >
>> > I'm wondering what he's talking about?
>> >
>> > I've successfully written drag and drop scripts in SilkTest and
>> > Selenium, but doing so in Watir appears to be very difficult.  The few
>> > examples I've seen are so different from the isn't-this-easy tutorials
>> > on Watir as to be almost a different language.  The drag_contents_to
>> > method appears so specialized as to be useless for any sort of actual
>> > drag and drop automation I'd actually be able to use.  When forum
>> > members comment on drag and drop difficulties, others tell them when
>> > they're older they'll understand.  Such guidance is not so helpful
>> > when I'm trying to field a test suite that must include drag and drop.
>> >
>> > Bill Mosteller
>> > Eloqua
> --
> Paul Rogers!
> >

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