I have a set of variables, with similar names, except for the last character.  
So for instance, lets say that I have three variables var1, var2, and var3.  My 
problem is that I am trying to refer to these variables using a loop, and I am 
not quite sure how to make it work.  Here is an example of my code.


x = 1


while(x < =3)

  puts var[x]

  x += 1



In this example, I am trying to print var1, var2, and var3 to the screen with 
the while loop.  So what I am asking is how do I make the 'x' be recognized as 
a variable.  In other instances, I have used #{}, but that does not seem to 
work in this case.  I can elaborate if this is not clear.  Thanks in advance 
for all help.


- Shelton

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