I moved the to_s and strip before the format and that worked.

I'll take it.



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Still cannot figure this one out.

On Feb 20, 1:39 pm, Moochie <dduph...@redbrickhealth.com> wrote:
> I'm writing code to be able to mask out a portion of the strings.
> excel_value = testops on 02/19/2009*
> if excel_value.index("*") != nill  #Equals 21
>   puts excel_value
>   puts excel_value[0,excel_value.index("*").to_i].to_s.strip
>   puts label_id.document.lastChild.nodeValue.to_s.strip
>   puts label_id.document.lastChild.nodeValue[0,excel_value.index
> ("*").to_i].to_s.strip
> end
> results
> testops on 02/19/2009*
> testops on 02/19/2009
> testops on 02/19/2009 10:44
> testops on 02/19/200
> Question why did the last statement not display the 9?

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