you can always use the .html method of the browser object to get the
entire page contents, and then something like a regular expression  or
substring methods to extract text from between known starting/ending

Most of that would be done with standard Ruby string handing methods
I'd expect

You'd likely have to develop your Ruby skills a bit..  I'd recommend a
book like 'Everyday Scripting with Ruby' for that.

On Mar 2, 5:06 am, RASPool <> wrote:
> I am playing around with Watir and have had some pretty good results
> so far, but I was wondering if there is any functionality to capture
> data once you arrive at a particular page.  For example, I want to
> browse to the weather network site, select the weather for my home
> town and then extract the current temperature on the page.  And then
> I’d cron it to run every day at noon and I’d compile a report that
> would tell me the noon temp every day.
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