The initial question that occurred to me is why you are trying to automate
the sending of an email with Outlook Express.  Why not leverage Ruby to send
the email without the additional complexity of trying to figure out how deal
with Outlook Express. Bringing Outlook Express into the equation just seems
painful to me.


Beyond that, to address your original question, it might help to break down
the problem into manageable parts.  First, create a script to send a simple
email.then, start worrying adding the complexity of sending content from a
log file.




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Subject: [wtr-general] Re: How to send a mail from outlook express using


Thank for the reply.


But i am facing the following error

`initialize': unknown OLE server: `Outlook.Application'

for the following statement

require 'win32ole'
outlook ='Outlook.Application')




On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 5:12 AM, Walter Kruse <> wrote:

This is for Outlook, but maybe it can help:


Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 04:40:02 -0600
Subject: [wtr-general] How to send a mail from outlook express using watir




 Please help me to delvelop a script for  sending  a mail from outlook
express using watir.

The message text should be read from a log file .


Thanks in advance.



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