I wish unique ID or Name attribute could be added but it's not
So, I am still using index way.
So far it's working fine, but I am still looking for a better
Thanks for responses

On Mar 6, 2:30 am, SuperKevy <kpe...@scholarshipamerica.org> wrote:
> The thread about adding a unique ID or Name attribute to the link is a
> good one and provides a solid hook.
> Its the easiest and a "perferred"
> If thats not possible... you can get all the links (by index) then
> fingerprint the URL content of each for something you can reliably
> lock onto.
> For example, "http://a3.alienaa.com/cgibin/
> fish.fcgiemail=yobtuol...@hotmail.co.uk".  that gives you the link and
> content to trigger you test from
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