Can you pls let me know how to upload a file in RUby watir. and how to
handlw windows print window and java pop ups

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 5:17 PM, rrash586 <rrash...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all actually in the below program i m trying to Retrieve  data
> from one excel sheet and place that data on text field of google page
> and after click on search button  will navigate to search result page
> Now i want to take this "url"(ie.url) of webpage and  write it on
> other EXCEL sheet .But I m unable to add it using Xls method
> "write2DArray()"
> How to add single element in excel sheet using "Xls"(Excel Interface
> Class) class
> can anyone suggest me how to do it  using "Xls"
> Thanks in advance
> require 'Xls'
> require 'watir'
> xlFile = XLS.new("D:\\test_XLS_data.xls") #grab the data file in the
> same dirrectory
> myData = xlFile.getRowRecords('Google Search Data','Example')  #pull
> data records  from excel
> xlFile.close
> $j=0
> $array =Array.new
> myData.each do |record|
>  ie = Watir::IE.start('google.com')
>  ie.text_field(:name,'q').set(record['SearchString'])
>  ie.button(:name,'btnG').click
>  result =ie.url
> $array[$j] =result
> $j=$j+1
> ie.close
> end
> xlFile = XLS.new("D:\\result_xls.xls")
> >

Thanks & Regards,
 Nagmani V.M.

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