So, you might want to try:
$ie.frame(:index,1).text.include?("Activating the database")

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From: Mark Lehky <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 10:20:03 AM
Subject: [wtr-general] Re: Problems locating basic elements in Watir

The puts ie.html.inspect generates:
   <TITLE>petroLook - aclaro softworks, inc.</TITLE>\r\n
   <META content=favorite name=save>
<FRAMESET tabIndex=999>
   <FRAME id=contentFrame tabIndex=999

So apparently there is nothing there. :( Now what do I do?

2009/3/17 marekj <>:
> Welcome to Ruby and Watir.
> Glad you jumped in. It's a great language and Watir is a nice library.
> about your issue: you may try right after you login click to capture the
> html and see what's there; try with;
> puts ie.html.inspect
> after ie.button(how, what).click line
> Another possible issue may be a hidden frame (frameset). Just a wild guess
> since I've seen it happen in a couple of apps I worked with.
> Also I noticed that the HTML generated by IEDeveloperToolbar is not really
> the HTML that's on the page. The IEDevToolbar adds its own head info for
> meta doctype and styles.
> marekj
> Watirloo: Semantic Page Objects in UseCases
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 10:05 AM, Mark Lehky <> wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I am new to Watir as well as Ruby, but have had experience with other
>> tools and languages. Installed Ruby+Watir (no issues), ran through the
>> basic tutorial, everything worked just fine.
>> I then tried to create the first test for my AUT. The test was quite
>> simple: login and try to locate some text on the next page.
>> The login portion worked: found the two text boxes
>> (username/password), found the login button. However, the next page is
>> effectively blank to Watir. For any element that I tried to .flash, I
>> always got the error:
>> c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/watir-1.6.2/lib/watir/element.rb:52:in
>> `assert_exists': Unable to locate element, using :id, "c_ddlCategory"
>> (Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException)
>>     from
>> c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/watir-1.6.2/lib/watir/element.rb:239:in
>> `flash'
>>     from petroLook_login.rb:15
>> After searching through past posts here, I was led to Webmetrics RIA
>> Script Recorder. That tool cannot "see" of the elements either -
>> nothing is recorded after the login page. :(
>> Here is my sample Watir test:
>> require "watir"
>> test_site = "http://localhost/petroLook4410";
>> ie =
>> ie.goto test_site
>> if ! ie.text.include? "Login"
>>   puts "Test Failed! Could not find: 'Login'."
>>   exit 1
>> end
>> ie.text_field(:id, "c__txtUsername").set "bootstrap"
>> ie.text_field(:id, "c__txtPassword").set "bootstrap"
>> ie.button(:id, "c__btnLogin").click
>> # everything past this point is "gone"
>> if ! ie.text.include? "Activating the database"
>>   puts "Test Failed! Could not find: 'Activating the database'."
>>   exit 1
>> end
>> puts "All good!"
>> exit 0
>> Here is the HTML code snippet grabbed from IE Developer Toolbar of the
>> above text (I wonder how e-mail clients are going to handle this - I
>> am typing this in plaintext-mode):
>> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML Transitional//EN">
>> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
>> <HTML class=" page" id="html">
>> <HEAD>
>> <STYLE> /* No matching styles were found. */ </STYLE>
>> </HEAD>
>> <BODY class=" page ie" id="body">
>>  <FORM id="frmControlHost" name="frmControlHost"
>> action="WebPages_ControlHost.aspx?control=aclaro.petroLook.WebControls.Generic.PageHost&pagetype=Admin&category=Bootstrap&group=Schema"
>> method="post">
>>   <P>Activating the database enables petroLook users to log in and
>> disables the bootstrap user. </P>
>>  </FORM>
>> </BODY>
>> </HTML>
>> TIA for any help.
> >

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