Hi List,
This is little off topic, but very much inline with the content of this 

I also have run into situation where some of my tests run only on jRuby,
some java tests, but my rest of the framework is in C-Ruby. I am
looking for integration of jRuby and C-Ruby tests.

One approach I was thinking was to have XML-RPC service on jRuby tests
and invoking them using C-Ruby framework.

I was wondering however, would DRb of any help, e.g. passing reference
of jRuby created objects to C-Ruby and simply invoking methods on those
objects, while the objects run in JVM in which jRuby is running.

My framework already uses DRb to distribute the tests on different 
machines and hence I am curious about DRb.

Any comments?


aidy lewis wrote:
> You could run your tests through Celerity which wraps HtmlUnit in a
> Watir API through JRuby
> Aidy
> On 17/03/2009, Jim Knowlton <jknowlton...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Does anyone know the status of porting Watir to JRuby?  I saw some
>>  posts last year that indicated it was on the wish list, but that a
>>  stumbling block was the Win32OLE module...just thought I'd drop a note
>>  out here and see if anyone has knowledge of anything in the works.  I
>>  love Ruby and Watir, but work on an enterprise Java app, and having
>>  the "Java" side of JRuby would be cool.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Jim
>>  >
> > 

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