Yesterday there was some post looking for making Watir work with
JRuby. So here is something for those JRuby guys.

Here is something crazy I did. I was thinking of doing some thing on
JNI interface stuff to make win32ole work am lazy as of now :) (May be
work on this later). So why not use something which already works? I
did something I always do well. Wrote a wrapper for webdriver IE
driver to make it into a Watir API and to run on JRuby.

Am calling it jwatir as of now. It is really small. Only for
demonstration and has no tests in it.More or less a hack....

Am attaching the code here ( as well writing
about it in my blog about how to use it (Need to wait a little as it
is 6 AM in the morning here and I haven't still got any sleep).

Let me know your views on this.

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